75th Anniversary of the Claretian Martyrs

Barbastro is a noble city, situated in upper Aragón (Spain), near the highlands of the Pyrenees.

Days of tragedy were lived there in the summer of 1936. There was a great current of hatred which brought down many innocent lives; but facing it, by the grace of God, rose up a rampart of pardon and love, which today is good to remember and serves as a foundation of peace which this world needs .

The Claretian Martyrs of Barbastro, 51 in all, wrote a page of heroism with the blood that came from young hearts, full of faith and generosity.

The Martyr Seminary, John Paul II said of them on the day he proclaimed Blessed Felipe de Jesús Munárriz and his Companions, Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (July 25, 1992).

In the eyes of men they seem to be dead, but their voice, their faces, their testimony continues to be alive. In them is manifested the glory of the Lord, praiseworthy in His saints.

Besides these, there are many other Claretians who shed their blood for the Kingdom of God: Sigüenza, Fernancaballero, Tarragona, Cervera, ...

Names that will always have a place in the memory and heart of the Claretians.
This year 2011 we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of their Martyrdom.

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